If you’re looking to get away from it all and for cheap, you can’t go wrong with these destinations. While costs here aren’t exactly low, they are low compared to many other European countries and the United States. You’ll also explore unique destinations you might not otherwise be able to afford.

With the cost of airfare rising and airfares becoming more difficult to snag, more travellers opt for vacation cruises instead. While a premium cruise vacation is far from cheap, plenty of affordable cruise options are still available for even the most budget-conscious vacationers.

It’s not a secret that travel to different countries can be expensive, especially if you want to do it right. Travel blogs often talk about the best and the worst countries to visit, where the best hotels are located, and the most budget-friendly ways to get around. But is the country you dream of visiting actually affordable? And, if it isn’t, how can you make it more affordable?

  • Vietnam

Vietnam is Southeast Asia’s largest and most prosperous country, and it’s also one of its cheapest tourist destinations. Travelling abroad is a thrilling adventure, and there’s no better destination than Vietnam-you’ll find it’s full of natural beauty, rich history, and incredible culinary diversity. Vietnam is the world’s number-two destination for international visitors, just behind Thailand, and is quickly climbing the ranks. Now’s the time if you’ve been on the fence about visiting.

  • Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of our favourite countries. It’s home to breathtaking landscapes, monkeys, sloths, and other amazing animals. There are thousands of things to do and see, and it’s very affordable. It is cheap to vacation here, but it’s also cheap to live in. It’s one of the cheapest countries in the world for expats to live and work in. Some of the cheapest cities to live in Costa Rica are San Jose, Heredia, and Cartago. In case you plan to visit this beauty, you can land in the capital city of San Jose. After exploring it, you can take day trips from San Jose, Costa Rica to nearby attractions for a full exploration of the country.

  • Bulgaria

Bulgaria offers some great deals for travellers looking to visit Europe. This country is relatively new to international travel but is experiencing explosive growth. The prices are competitive in terms of accommodation, food, and attractions, and the country offers plenty of opportunities for exploration and adventure.

  • Mexico

Mexico is well-known among tourists for its rich culture, picturesque beaches, and delicious food, but did you know it’s also affordable for families on a budget? The Mexican government offers a variety of travel incentives and discounts to encourage tourism. This includes discounted airfare and hotel rates, free entry to many attractions, and discounts on spa treatments, excursions, and dining. The U.S. State Department also advises families to visit Mexico for the affordability of its attractions and the ease of border crossings. Both the U.S. and Mexico also offer separate cultural exchange programs to encourage tourism between both countries.

  • China

China can be one of the most affordable countries you can visit, whether you are traveling for pleasure or for business. Due to the country’s growing economy and relative levels of tourism, however, it’s more important than ever for visitors to plan ahead, especially when it comes to accommodations, transportation, and meals.

  • South Korea

South Korea has become quite the destination recently-and with good reason. For years, the nation has been attracting tourists, especially with its capital, Seoul, being a rapidly growing tourist destination. But the cost is a major reason to visit South Korea, and with the country’s currency, the Won, being relatively cheap, visits to the country are quite affordable. Since money tends to buy more in South Korea, you’ll find that the cost of things like transportation, food, and lodging are very reasonable.

  • Thailand

Thailand is one of the cheapest destinations to travel to, and with good reason. Its tropical climate, friendly people, and abundant attractions make it a top pick for budget travellers. Travelers on a budget will especially enjoy Thailand’s abundant using the local bus system since it’s cheap and often includes free transfers between stops. Backpackers should also check out the hostels that cater to budget travellers, especially since you can stay in dorm rooms cheaper than most hotels.

  • The Philippines

The Philippines is one of the best countries to visit on a budget. It’s a relaxing tropical destination and home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world-no wonder it draws millions of tourists every year. Prices in the Philippines are cheap, but quality can still be high, so it’s an excellent place to eat on a budget.

  • Indonesia

Indonesia is a fascinating country to visit, with all the featured sites of Indonesia. It is one of the prime holiday destinations for budget travellers. Indonesia is a country of enormous diversity with many islands, rain forests, rice fields, volcanoes, hot springs, beautiful beaches, and coral reefs. You can enjoy all these without paying an arm and a leg. It is also one of the most beautiful countries in Asia.

  • Italy

Italy is one of the cheapest European countries to visit, and it’s no wonder. Besides its delightful cuisine and delicious wines, the country offers a wealth of architecture, history, and geography to explore. Travelers can go to bustling cities like Rome and Milan or relax in fishing villages like Cinque Terre.

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