Hey there! I’m Sara Trident and I have started this blog to share my love of travel around the globe and more specifically Asia! 

My husband and I have been travelling the world since we were only dating and we’ve been to so many amazing places including China, India, Australia, Brazil, Sweden, and of course Japan. The reason why this blog is modelled after Japan is that this is where we have decided to lay down some routes and get a job thousands of miles away from home! 

We are originally from Leicester in the UK and our decision to live in Japan was solely based on the fact that it is our most travelled to and beloved place in the world! We don’t know how long we will stay here for but it has been 3 years and we are still loving every second of our little adventure across the globe! 

Don’t get me wrong though we do still get out our backpacks on go on our little adventures around the world even to this day (although Covid did make this a little more difficult!). 

My blog is going to consist of a variety of different topics including Budget Travel, Travel Tips, Travelling Asia, and World Travels. I think these categories cover a wide range of things you need in order to have a successful trip to a variety of places across the world! 

If you take anything from this blog I hope it is the confidence to up-sticks and take yourself to a new location whether it is in Europe, Asia, North America, or wherever else because it really does open your mind to new and wonderful things and I promise you’ll start to learn a lot about yourself. 

“Satori” is the Japanese Buddhist term for awakening and that is what I feel travelling does for you, which is why I believe that this blog should be a place to share positive travel knowledge that can get you to awaken your mind and live a more peaceful and full life! 

I hope that you enjoy my blog and I would like to say thank you very much for taking the time to read all about me and my blog! Happy Exploring!