A roadtrip is a nice way to explore the country around you. Having an extended time off from work and a nice extended vacation, you can think about all the places you have never seen. Those are the sites you can explore with the extra time.

While seeing the sites in a typical city is exciting, you can also get a more broad view of the country by traversing the countryside. This way, you can see all the sites in a more three dimensional way. You may also be able to enjoy the sites more while you drive, avoiding the usual tourist spots that may be covered in a single day tour.

There are many ways to enjoy a roadtrip – you can go camping, trekking, traveling cross-country, and even roadtripping outside your own country. In fact, I would suggest that you go ahead and allow your time to play and explore in your own country first before you try to see the same things in another country.

However, if you are going on a roadtrip that is for more than a day, you definitely want to stay in the same place for at least a couple of days before moving on to the next place. This way, you can always come back to see the things you have already seen. It also helps you keep track of your time, you won’t get confused if you have stayed too long at a place you have already visited.

Try to remember that long trips entail a lot of things to consider. You have to pack accordingly how you will be traveling. You also have to bring a tent and necessary clothing. Then you have to think about how you will be sleeping. You may also want to bring a knife and some necessary items you might need. All these things require planning and organizing to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Make a list of the things you need to pack. Then cut down the list by about 10% or so. Save the list as a document in your computer. You can also print it out and carry it in your purse or back pocket.

When we travel, we also pack a few “essentials” that we tend to take for granted. These belong in your character arsenal, needs no lengthy documentation. Just maintain it around your person at all times.

I wear warm clothes year round. Most winter vacations require a sweater or a heavy jacket. This keeps my body warm and battle-able. You can look the same with a heavy jacket, but if you take it off for long periods of time, the weight goes on your shoulders. Take the jacket off at night to put it in your boots. You can lose the jacket and still be warm. You can also pack a scarf or a gloves that you can put on.

If you take a full vacation – not just a week or two in the summer – you should bring along a rhythm light clothes line. Put all those items on a hanger so you can just simply take them out of the bag when you need them. Put the hangers in your suitcase, not in your briefcase. This way you don’t have to slide them across the top of your suitcase when you close it. Also, in the suitcase, you will find all those little toiletries you never thought possible. Do not forget your toothbrush. (Do not carry it with you when you go out; leave it at home.) If you smile a lot, keep a tube of minty-smelling toothpaste in your purse. Snack oniety is good, especially for kids.

Finally, when you are getting ready to go to the airport and you need to remove something from your backpack before going through security, take a little bit of sand from the beach with you. If you need to eliminate bulk that Barron’s Accentifies “Great Wall,” by making one bulging item the entire length of your bag. The less you take with you, the less the other items will squeeze in.

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